Building a career in art is a hard task for anybody, regardless of talent. It is extremely rare that an artist can makes enough of a living from their art to support themselves, without having to supplement their income through other means, like teaching.

They can try to raise their profile by entering their works into competitions, but mainly they need to increase awareness of their output through exhibiting it. However, art galleries are hard to find, and even when a gallery is found and agrees the conditions of the exhibition, there are still issues of sales commissions and taxes to be discussed, further clouding the matter.

This is why so many artists are turning to the world-wide web to increase their global exposure and assist them in selling their work. Many internet art galleries are poor examples of the kind, with little selection criteria for submissions and no dedicated space for individual artists.

This leads to an exhibition of your work that lacks cohesion, and doesn’t really offer the kind of increase in awareness that an artist needs.  A good internet art gallery should assist artists to develop awareness of their work and increase exposure to them, potentially providing an income source for the artist through the alternative exhibition they provide.

The artist needs to ensure they are submitting their work to a good on-line gallery that organizes work with integrity, and can therefore actually provide the increased exposure and potential sales they require. We are keen to hear what you think about Online Art and Cartoons, so let us know.


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